Taxi LCD Players (4G)

download-brochureTaxi LCD digital signage displays are a great form of advertisement. Companies can get thier message across while passengers travel around. Taxi is not only a transport tool but also an advertising battlefield. Taxi LCD displays are a new hi-tech method in digital4G-Taxi-Player audio/video players and can store more information than a CF or SD or other store devices. A passenger gets into taxi and can learn about information on monuments of a city vividly while travle to thier destination. Taxi’s are the windows of city and it is great place to advertise. At present, 8 inch LCD digital signage displays are widely used in this field ,that they are mounted into headrest. In order to let the player more interactive, touch screen is used on the LCD screen. We can browse like using mouse on computer. As a mobile media solution , there are some special spec’s for taxi advertising players. Following are an example on one 8 inch Ad player:

  • Support JPEG, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MP3 media format.
  • Built-in flash memory.
  • Update video contents of the built-in memory by simply inserting an USB flash drive. No computer is required.
  • Timer function: The player turns on/off at the same time everyday according to your setting.
  • No DVD style mechanical movement, hence more durable and suitable for long-hour advertising playing.
  • IR (infrared) motion sensor: Player starts automatically when the sensor detects an approaching passenger.
  • Audio output: 2 X built-in high quality stereo speakers, high quality sound effect.
  • The shape of pillow can be modified as per customers’ need. Different colors of front panel and different shapes /colors of headrests for different models of cars are available.