Digital Signage for Educational Institutions

Digital Signage is one of the most pioneering and ingenious innovation of technology.

Deployment of signage solutions are increasing at a great pace in every sector, whether it is retail, media or banking.

And, why not? They come up with so many astounding benefits.

Education is one such field that has been greatly influenced by Digital Signage Solutions. Nowadays, Digital Signage is changing and enhancing the ways in which educational institution communicates with students, staffs & visitors. It allows schools and colleges to reach their audience with a relevant, engaging and consistent message in real time.

With the introduction of innovative digitization techniques, schools and university campuses have enthusiastically embraced digital signage solutions. In this blog, we have discussed more about how digital signage is altering the face of education, reasons behind it and their applications.

Digital Signage & Education

Nowadays, youth generation relies on digital media for all the latest updates like news, information and entertainment to a great extent. Recent studies show that almost 65% of students use a smartphone and 47% use a tablet on a daily basis. This shows that students are quite familiar with technology.

Reasons For Deployment Of Digital Signage in Schools & Colleges

  • Enhances Learning Process: With the deployment of digital signage in schools & colleges, learning process and quick thinking abilities has enhanced.
  • Eco-Friendly: Definitely, digital signage solutions are eco-friendly in the way that they greatly reduce the wastage of paper. They also come up with power saving features
  • Systematic: Digital Signage Solutions help to improve the system of paying tuition fees, taking books from the library, enrolling in a new course, ordering food from the cafeteria and so on.
  • Quick Communication: Digital signage displays at various locations inform the students about upcoming events or any notice, weekly exams, the deadline date for submission of an assignment, fees and many more.
  • Broadcast Emergency Alerts: Students can be easily informed about any weather or security related emergencies. It’s an efficient and immediate way to address large demographic just in time.
  • Reduce Clutter & Confusion: With the use of digital signage, it’s quite easy to free up the unnecessary space that outdated information or unapproved posts used to occupy in bulletin boards.

Now, come to applications of digital signage in schools and colleges.

Mentioned below is a list of ways with which you can deploy an interactive digital signage solution in school or university:

  • Deploy interactive directories that will help new students navigate all over the campus
  • Traditional Bulletin Boards can get replaced by Digital Notice Boards
  • Digital Menu Boards describing the nutritional value can be used in school
  • Special Boards displaying semester results can also be deployed

Digital Signage Gamification is another educational approach that helps students to learn using elements of the game in a learning environment. It enhances the learning process and improves communication among peers.

Smart Digital Signage continues to be an industry leader by offering digital display signage solutions for those who wish to communicate in an innovative way with their students, staffs & visitors.

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