Digital Signage & Big Data

When you think of Technology, What Hits your mind?

Of course! The Digital Technology that is making every task simple and easier in all the industries around the world. Recently Digital Technology is driving quick and innovative change in the car parking industry.

Two key areas where digital technology is changing the car-parking industry are the use of Big Data and the use of Digital Screens to enrich the customer experience.

Big Data

The Development of Big Data has triggered great expectations for those who wish to manage parking facilities. In simple terms, Big Data collects data from various sources to disclose patterns and trends linked with the human behavior. After that, this data is used to create tailored and engaging digital signage customer experience.

The car parking industry is data rich; consist of integral data points like payment transactions, sensor data, the length of stay data, occupancy data and much more.

With the use of Big Data and Analytics, Parking managers can very well optimize pricing and parking availability based on factors like weather, special events or flight schedules for airport parking. Potential takeaways from data can create an active pricing approach.

Digital Screens

The parking facility is usually the first touch point for the customer journey that offers the overall customer experience. The use of digital signage within parking facilities can not only inform customers of parking-related information, but also display safety and journey information as well as timely and targeted promotional messages from retailers.

Integrated Approach

Let’s discuss a few ways parking companies can use digital technology to improve the experience of the customer.

#1. Online Booking – An Online Reservation System allows for a more efficient customer experience as it allows visitors to pre-book a parking space to minimize the difficulty of driving and searching. The company directly collects data through this system by requesting vehicle and corresponding payment details.

#2. License Plate Recognition – if a customer has registered and pre-booked a space online, the vehicle can be identified via license plate recognition thus, allowing fast entry. If details of the payment have been registered, the cost of parking can be easily calculated and charged to the customer’s account on exit. This is much easier than remember to pay before making the way back to the car.

#3. Digital Parking SignsIt is located at the entry of the parking facilities, digital parking signs can well integrate with license-plate recognition software. Once the enough about a customer is gathered, the digital sign can easily display tailored and customized content. This content includes pricing information, welcome messages, available parking spots, car wash and promotional messages from proximate sellers and businesses.

To help and manage supply and demand, parking operators can also easily adjust parking cost.

With traditional static parking sign, the change in price would take at least two-week turnaround time with approvals, shipping, and printing. Digital Parking Signs allow parking managers to update the parking charges within few minutes due to the cloud-based content management system.

#4. Digital Video Walls – Digital Video Walls can be based almost anywhere and everywhere inside the parking facility. It is very similar to digital parking signs. It can be linked to license-plate recognition software, allowing video walls to be used for every direction.

For Instance, The Brisbane Airport Corporation in Brisbane Australia is a wonderful example of an innovative parking facility. It can instantly update or schedule content.

Digital technology creates an integrated end-to-end experience that customers now expect.

Amplifying the parking experience with the ingenious use of digital technology will help parking operators entice new customers, nurture market share and raise the revenue.

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Blog Source: Digital Signage Today Blog written by Tegan Worrall