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In this business era, businesses need to work smarter to catch the customer’s attention. One way to do this is to implement digital signage in outdoor environments to interact with customers. In fact, targeted marketing campaigns toward customer demographics can change dynamically based on factors such as inventory fluctuations, sales, and events.

Once a business plans an outdoor marketing campaign, it needs to identify the right technology for the right application. There are three main options for Outdoor Digital Signage: LED, LCD & Projection.

Direct-view LED Considerations

  • Direct-view LED offers higher brightness, durability, larger size and longer life cycle.
  • It is specifically designed for the outdoor environment.
  • Outdoor LEDs need less heating and cooling support. They need simpler enclosures and fixtures like their LCD counterparts.
  • Programming options are becoming customizable, giving users another reason to include this technology in their outdoor marketing campaigns.

When you consider LED for outdoor applications, having the correct pixel pitch is vital. If users are looking for the same quality and resolution as LCD, the LED Display needs to be bigger and placed away from viewers due to the higher pixel pitch.


It is being used in the retail and entertainment verticals for wrapping a building, billboard, large venue signage, kiosks and queue display.

Smart Cities are implementing technology using LED Signage in non-traditional areas, directory boards, and wayfinding stations.

LCD Considerations

  • LCD Displays are the ideal choice for indoor digital signage applications.
  • They are popular with outdoor digital signage applications
  • LCD Technology allows higher-resolution capabilities where it utilizes normal video input, a self-contained system.


Applications for Outdoor LCD Displays include restaurant digital menu boards or outdoor kiosks including drive-through using an appropriate enclosure. Retailers use LCD video walls or LCD’s outside a building.

Projector Considerations

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 Projection Mapping is when an image is projected onto almost any type of large surface such as stone, metal, ice etc. the entire appearance of an environment gets changed. The projector can be kept anywhere, allowing an easier installation process. Projectors can easily cover a much larger area for a lower cost, even when cooling features and enclosures are considered.

Considerations for The Installation Environment

  • Projectors placed farther from the surface need a higher brightness.
  • Also, consider whether the display is exposed to direct sunlight, as it would require higher brightness.
  • Climate-specific considerations help to choose better displays that can withstand extreme temperatures and humidity.

For instance, if the display is humid, climate requires an enclosure, as moisture gets entrapped inside the enclosure, which means an outdoor-specific LED rather than LCD would be best for that climate.

Considering all the above-mentioned point for which the signage is being used helps a business select an exact kind of outdoor signage.

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