digital signage mythsDigital Signage is the rapidly growing technology of today’s era. Digital Signs increase sales, enhance traffic and offer a dynamic advertising medium with the flexibility and influence today’s businesses need to differentiate themselves. With growing use of digital signage displays for the purpose of advertising and promoting has left investors into thinking about some myths linked to it.

Here are some of the common myths associated with digital signage network.

1. You should wait for Technology to Advance More

Undoubtedly, there will be further advancements in digital signage technology. Now almost all digital signage displays use LED backlighting, where power consumption is much lower than CCFL technology used in past. While LED technology will continue to develop in the coming days, the amount of extra savings obtained in couple of years will be lesser as compared to shift to LED from CCFL. So, it’s better to go with digital Signage now, particularly for large deployment of digital displays.

2. You can save by using Consumer-Grade Display

This can be true in some cases, but usually commercial grade display is worth the investment. Consumer-grade panels are rarely rated for longer than 10 hours of daily use while digital signage displays is capable to perform longer than this. Commercial grade displays allow users lock out video inputs so that no one can turn them off or change them, along with many have on-off timers and schedulers for source flexibility and automation.

3. Digital Signs are too Expensive

The fact is that incorporating digital signage previously was an overpriced budget plan, requiring expensive equipments and specialized software and high monthly cost. We have come long way since then. Now users can bought their own digital signage software at lower cost and design their own screens and execute software on their existing computers. Now it is one time investment, not a regular cost.

4. Digital Signage Installation & Content Building will be Too Complex

Digital Signage Systems allow contents to be updated in variety of ways. Most of the today’s digital signage applications include pre-built templates that makes content building easier. Updating your digital signs is also simple and easy.

signage myths

Digital Signage Myths

There is simply no strong reason to avoid the idea of using digital signage today. With innovative and reliable systems available at economical price, even small businesses can make great use of this technology to drive higher revenues and create successful digital signage campaigns. With the enhancement in technology, displays are becoming more cost effective and energy efficient than ever and ROI can be quick and positive.

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