Training Services

Smart Digital Signage is committed to allow customers to get the most out of their investments. Unlike many signage systems, Smart Digital Signage systems are user friendly and easy to learn.

They are easy to use and simple to setup. We provide an extensive knowledge base of articles to assist our users in understanding and adopting Smart Digital Signage systems in their network.

Even though our SMART Digital Signage systems are very easy to use, we also offer a web-based, personalized (one-to-one) training.

Our qualified trainers teach you how to get the most out of your system. Your training session will consist of in-depth demonstrations of all the features of your Smart Digital Signage network including:

  • Navigating through Content Management System
  • Uploading content and adding it to your signage network
  • Content scheduling and deploying a sign.
  • Setting up users, adding systems and expanding your network
  • Interactivity features and functionality, if any
  • Monitoring and reporting functionality
  • Data integration features and functionality, if any
  • Our personalized training sessions are tailored to all levels of users.
Although no previous experience is necessary, we expect trainees to have basic computer knowledge.

In every session, we’ll walk you through our user-friendly interface and show you real-time examples of features, set up and maintenance. All personalized training sessions can be booked in 1-hr time slots.

We will tailor the training session to your organization’s topics of interest.

If you are a current customer and would like an additional training, Contact Us and we’ll get a session set up for you right away.