Network Management

We know that deploying a digital signage network is not always a piece of cake. It involves consideration of budget constraints or the lack of knowledge on operating one effectively.

Being in the forefront of this revolutionary medium of visual communications since its inception, Smart Digital signage can make the process a whole lot simpler, and more cost effective for you by providing Hosting and Management services to help you get your digital signage network up and running.

We’ll be more than happy to walk you through every step of the process and provide professional consultancy on best practices and how to do more with your network to increase the return of your investment.

We can customize a Hosting and Management package that is tailored to your needs for diverse environments. No software installation, no server hardware. An online service, it’s a simple way to get started with digital signage for a monthly subscription fee.

Leave the management of your Smart Digital Signage network to our experienced team. Allow our professional team to ensure that your channel network benefits from focused content, available resources, logical infrastructure / navigation system, and realistic budgets that will fully maximize the value of your digital signage solution.

Our hosting service is based on Smart Digital Signage media player and content management software integrated with hardware for customers to start off their own digital signage network for better corporate communication, sales and promotions or training.

The hosting includes professional consultancy, installation, channel branding, content development and content update and optional customized programming if and where needed.

Enjoy a fuss-free way to deploy, develop and manage your digital signage network without having to invest financially in the initial procurement of software and hardware.

Best of all, if you change your mind and want to bring your network in-house, you can do that without losing any of your content or customizations.

Our expertise covers:
Content design and production
Installation and co-development
Content scheduling
Maintenance and network management
Technology consulting to suit your digital signage needs

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The Benefits:
Affordable options
No need to purchase additional PC Hardware and software
No need to recruit someone at your company to run your network
Reduce your IT Department’s operation load
Quick network start up
Up-to-date Content Manager
Professionally designed content gets more attention and has a greater impact
No need to worry about network management or operations. Leave that job to us