Mirror Displays

MIRROR IMAGE combines conventional mirror surfaces with a sophisticated monitor system, resulting in a fascinating and mesmerizing display for countless applications. A new LCD Active Matrix is elegantly mounted behind a mirror surface to dramatically display anything from TV and Satellite channels to PC presentations and video games. Whether entertaining, informative, or advertorial, present your communications on an engaging and cutting edge platform. Use it to promote customer dialogue, to entertain your guests, or simply to sit back and enjoy the luxurious atmosphere a MIRROR IMAGE creates.

The units are exclusively designed to overcome the unique challenges of operating in ventilation deprived environments and to allow easy and adjustable mounting. This system can also be interactive.

We are a solutions provider and because of that we are independent in our specification of hardware, ensuring that we supply only the best products for a specific application.

Mounting Case

There are an arrange of standard mirror units but we suggest a bespoke solutions for site specific solutions. Applications will be dependent on the location. Every site is different and there are a multitude of options.