Media Players

SDS-8018 Media Player
D8-M1 Media PlayerOur SDS-8018 network digital signage player is the latest full HD 1080P network-managed solution for high-standard professional projects. It receives media content via an IP network, and stores the content in its internal storage. The content is displayed according to either a pre-defined playlist or network commands. The SDS-8018 features an industrial grade quality and trouble-free performance which lets you build a stable and cost-effective system. With an unique high definition video decoding capability with 1080P over HDMI and YPbPr, it delivers impressive dynamic digital signage.
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D8-M1 Media PlayerRestaurant Digital Menu Board Systems. Easily Create, Manage, and Schedule an Amazing Digital Menu Board Experience in Your Restaurant. Create many beautiful menus with our provided easy menu creator. We’ll give you fantastic templates to use so you don’t have to start from scratch. Just drag and drop images and video, type in your menu items and prices, and set your custom schedules. You’ll be up and running in minutes. You can update and manage your DigiMenu-Pro over the internet. This means you can add new content, promotions, and menu items at any time without a hassle. If you’re running multiple locations, you can update all your menu boards at once. With DigiMenu-Pro, it is just as easy to manage a thousand menu boards as it is to manage one.
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D8-M1 Media PlayerThe SignWare-PRO digital signage solution is a unique combination of hardware and software that allows a single PC to manage and control multiple remote display devices. The display screens can be simultaneously and independently administered from a central location using the SignWare manager software. Each remote display is capable of running a variety of rich media formats and applications uniquely suited for that specific location. For example, one screen could be running a video presentation about washing machines while a second screen in a different location could be presenting a video about power tools and a third screen could be displaying promotional images all while exhibiting real-time news briefs and updates at the same time. SignWare-Pro is a digital signage system capable of playing Live Text, RSS Feeds, Still Images, and HTML5 while maintaining high resolutions of up to 1080p full HD. The player is the smallest and most compact in the market but offers dynamic layout displays with multiple zones, providing more creative.
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Made To Be Effective for Everyone
D8-M1 Media PlayerHave your media playing on your Signage-Pro as quickly as you can create it. Many signage players on the market require you to convert your fi les to the limited amount of fi le types and formats that particular signage player can run. The endless and unnecessary conversion of fi le types for display as digital signage destroys not only productivity but also creativity. Smart Digital Signage doesn’t think that this should be a problem for our customers to have. Why should the burden of fi le conversion to the limited amount of fi le types that can run on most digital signage be on your shoulders?
With Signage-Pro, this is no longer a problem, because it can take almost any commonly used fi le type and display it as scheduled, fully customizable signage. So feel free to use your PowerPoint as soon as you written the last word or upload an Excel spreadsheet as soon as you’ve finished entering the data. Time is precious, so don’t waste it unnecessarily converting files.
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D8-M1 Media PlayerThe Simple, Highly-Customizable Video Wall and Digital Signage Solution with Real Time Video Content Directly from Your Cable Box, Camera and Local Network Shouldn’t you be able to have incredible creative control over what your video wall and digital signage can show? SignWall-Pro allows you to present content in the most unique and customizable way of any video wall on the market by allowing you to include as many different visual elements as you want in any arrangement you can imagine. We are now entering the world of possibilities.
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