Smart Interactive Touch Screen Technology

Smart Interactive Touch screen Technology is a form of digital signage. A consumer can come up to a touch screen in your presentation centre and drive themselves through the presentation looking at the things that they are particularly interested in.

Metrics from point of sale locations have shown that you can actually increase sales of a particular product by about 50%
simply by pushing that over and over again in a digital signage application. Consumers will watch what they won’t read. You
can spend a lot of time putting together a nice printed brochure for the prospect. They’ll take it home and thumb through it, but most of the time they won’t read it. But if you put it up in the form of a video or interactive presentation, then you’ll get a much greater response and view rate with respect to that particular piece of information that you want to get out to the consumer.

Available Screen Sizes 42” & 55”

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In an attended situation, like a builder’s presentation center, the salesperson can use that touch screen to interact with a prospect rather than laying out a brochure on a table. With the screen you can pull up and look at floor plans, photos, videos, condo views, and local community resources like schools, parks, shopping centers. You can annotate different parts and move it to point things out to the consumer. It engages the consumer and the salesperson at a common point of interest and allows the sales person to keep the prospects attention for a longer period of time.

Key categories of the Smart Interactive Touch Screen system:

  • To educate the consumer, (Show more information and keep the customer engaged)
  • To brand your product, (Add your company’s website to any presentation)
  • To actually sell the product, (Point of decision marketing is more effective)
  • Surveying, (Show the client in depth information on the community and features of the project)
  • “Herding” or moving people to a specific location.

Putting Touch screen to Use

When we prepare a custom presentation for our clients we might put up an interactive community site map on the screen that shows the lots and if they are pre-spec’d out. All the consumer has to do to get information about that particular lot is to touch the screen. We had one customer that used a cherry picker to take pictures of what the view would be from the window of a multi-story home they were building. A prospect can touch the screen to see any view. It’s a nice feature to have especially where you haven’t yet built the models and you need to get that information in front of the consumer.

They also use it to show floor plans. Structural options are a big deal for some. They can select an option and see how that
affects the floor plan on the screen.

Options and upgrades is another area that you can use the system. You can show them specials that you’re having. You can show them a lot of more variety on an interactive system because you don’t have a showroom but pictures of each option and upgrade. You can also download inventory lists with these systems. You can highlight a plan or an option that you’re heavy on from an inventory standpoint, and by marketing that you can actually get additional sales.

Studies also show that touch screens reduce perceived wait time for the customer. So if you have a busy sales office, it gives the prospect that is in there something to do, and any irritation that comes from having to wait for a salesperson is reduced by the fact that they have this device that they can play with.

Smart Digital Signage also has a web based solution that will work on an interactive touch screen. We can build you a custom website for each of your communities that would be a fully interactive touch screen application when opened on a interactive display or your client can visit the website to view the content.
Click here for a demo Many of the smaller units are being taken out to trade or home shows. They’re set up as basically an extra person in your booth that is there to provide information about your product. A lot of our customers will get an extra system not only for the shows but because the presentation can also be echoed to the website, so you are getting a little bit extra bang for your buck because you not only get interactive but also a presentation that can be driven to the web.

We’re also finding that people will explore more information about your homes through this technology that they wouldn’t get from printed materials. The interactive touch screen is a lot more fun to work with than a brochure.

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