Retails And Malls

Get the Most out of Your Marketing

Retailers know that the best place to connect with their customers is in the store, where most purchase decisions are made. Point-of-Purchase Marketing is the most efficient way to get your products out the door, and digital signage is the most effective way to reach your customers while they’re shopping.

Point-of-Purchase Signage Marketing is the Future

Point-of-Purchase Messaging and communication platforms enable you to deliver targeted messages to customers at key points during their visit to your store. Ranging from a simple slide-show of products and services to a comprehensively choreographed, targeted, video showcase of products. Retail Stores, Supermarkets and shopping malls are already leveraging the promise of advanced in-store communication tools like dynamic digital signage – Large, flat panel, LCD and plasma screens are everywhere and they work!

Signage Systems in Malls, Retail stores, Supermarkets:

  • Promote new products, special offers, and sales using in-store screens
  • Showcase product demonstrations and testimonials
  • Educate and Inform customers about loyalty programs (ideal for supermarkets and grocers)
  • Easy networkability from one central location – particularly ideal for a businesses with multiple stores
  • Deliver ads from suppliers or third-party advertisers on digital retail signage
  • Show maps or directions of your store or mall near the entrance or lobby area
  • Increase foot-traffic by installing store window displays(ideal for convenience stores)
  • Broadcast training videos, safety tips, and messages from management

Top-Notch Communication

New technologies and analytics make targeting likely buyers easier than ever before – take full advantage by making sure your promotional infrastructure is up to the task. Banners and other paper-based advertisements are cumbersome, cost money to print, and can look old and stale. As media changes and your customer’s expectations with it, integrate information more easily and more effectively.

  • Loop advertisements for multiple products on one screen – or just highlight your top sellers
  • Vary your content – mix pictures, video demonstrations, and customer reviews in a comprehensive slide show
  • Turn passers-by into likely customers by installing window displays that better showcase your inventory

Take Advantage of Great Value and Easy Configuration

If you run a large company, you know how difficult it can be to streamline information across multiple offices that might span the entire country. Digital signage systems don’t just look great, they also offer the benefits of communicating one message to multiple screens at once, in multiple locations at once.

  • Control the information on your display boards from one central account – no need for additional computers or servers
  • Easy updates allow for flexible content and maximum exposure
  • HD picture quality will give your information more flair and your message more credibility

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