Rec And Fitness

Entertain Gym Members and Promote Healthy Living

In exchange for turning over monthly gym membership fees, today’s fitness enthusiasts expect to be entertained or at the very least informed while they work out. Smart Digital Signage excels in this medium allowing sport clubs and other fitness organizations to display relevant content effectively and appropriately almost anywhere on their premises.

  • Many gyms show live TV or run news updates to keep patrons informed – this is possible with Smart Digital Signage and our digital screens allow for a comprehensive and client-selected content such as: music videos or fitness related programming
  • Gym patrons have already embraced the importance of living an active lifestyle – incorporating additional health and well-being tips to a captive audience simply makes sense
  • Inform members about club promotions or exclusive customer loyalty programs
  • Display reminders reinforcing gym safety rules and modeling the proper form for potentially dangerous strength training workouts

Advertise Third Party Services – and Your Own

Many gyms offer additional exercise programs, such as Pilates or spin classes, which can be promoted comprehensively using digital signage. Promote these sessions on digital screens in workout or rest areas, and ensure that members are aware of the full range of gym services available to them. Smart Digital Signage can be conveniently controlled from anywhere, home, office and mobile devices. The content can be streamed to multiple screens in a mirror format or various other display options.

  • Post schedules and class descriptions for members
  • Communication of promotions and member privileges
  • Use the Smart Digital Signage platform as an opportunity to earn advertising revenue from wholesalers and other retail partners (vendors marketing energy drinks, workout clothing, or training equipment for example, who will be drawn to a unique promotional opportunity
  • Use your space and financial resources efficiently by streamlining multiple items of information on one screen

Smart Digital Signage in Spas

Compliment a relaxing experience for spa patrons with a cutting-edge platform for your chosen form of entertainment. Like gyms and other workout facilities, spas can easily manage and update content that will appeal to diverse customer needs and expectations. Many spas use visual and auditory stimuli to relax their patrons and enhance their mood. Spas can create soothing auditory tracks to play in the background. Automation provides a tremendous benefit in this regard allowing managers and owners to take a proactive approach towards scheduling and event planning. Content can be created, added, and scheduled long before its needed for increased organization and productivity.

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