Real Estate

“Watch as your investment in Smart Digital Signage pays dividends”

If your real estate office is like most, there’s rarely one available agent for every client who comes into the office. Even 5 minutes can feel like forever to someone waiting for an agent but a digital signage system can start selling your properties to them even before the first handshake and also pick up the slack.

  • Engage more customers, faster and start selling your properties before the first handshake by cycling an RSS feed with multiple listings
  • Offer virtual tours and show neighborhood videos to your customers
  • Post demographic data (like school quality and median income) that is often important to prospective homebuyers

Smart Digital signage is Easier and Less Expensive than You Realize

You probably already have 90% of the content right in your office! Your digital photos, videos, slide presentations, or parent realtor commercials are all great content for your on-site digital display system, and once you tell affiliates (title companies, mortgage brokers) that you have a non-stop promotional tool, they’ll probably send additional content. Smart Digital Signage network digital signage systems can be acquired economically, managed remotely, and do not require any yearly licensing or software support fees.

  • Upload content from anywhere there’s browser access–at home, on the road, or at a trade show
  • No limits on the number of uploads–change your content as often as you like, for free
  • No licensing fees means low start-up costs

Create better listings – and sell more properties

One grainy photograph on an MLS page may or may not do your top properties justice. In an electronic world, it is increasingly likely that it will not. Smart Digital Signage represents the future of on-site advertising, and it’s both easier to manage and less expensive than you might think.

  • Show more features for each of your listings – floor plans, property maps, pictures of the best room in the house in a dynamic format
  • Improve the readability of your property information – no more hard-to-follow letter-sized printouts
  • Find an ideal outlet for the digital media you’ve accumulated on your properties – from photos and videos to slide presentations.

When your real estate office considers how much more it can do with a relatively small investment in Smart Digital Signage, you’ll wonder how you ever did business without it. Without any licensing or software support fees, you simply pay the start-up cost and then let your new displays go to work for you.

  • Upload content from anywhere
  • Sell ad space to mortgage brokers and title companies

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