Smart Digital Signage on the Shop Floor

Manufacturing facilities may be the best equipped out of any work environment to reap the benefits of Smart Digital Signage in the workplace. Employees charged with repeating technical tasks and operating complex machinery do not have ready access to the traditional mediums of phone and email service, requiring employers to find other ways to communicate efficiently and effectively with their workers.

  • Circulate updates, reminders, and messages quickly without disrupting already over-burdened managers and supervisors
  • Display production schedules and progress reports easily while insuring that they are widely seen and recognized
  • Use Smart Digital Signage for more traditional communications like sharing company updates and newsletters
  • Reinforce important safety procedures – a must at any physical job site
  • Sustain morale by distributing information in an advanced and exciting way

Superior Tools, Superior Messaging

According to a 2007 consumer awareness survey, Smart Digital Signage draws more attention than other common communications mediums. Digital displays are uniquely suited to deliver manufacturing-related, dynamically-produced content. Digital Signage content can take many forms – training or safety videos to informational slides, dynamically-produced charts, figures and tables to interactive kiosks – all information that can be updated and delivered remotely.

  • Integrate production databases and track output and efficiency with easy-to-interpret graphs and charts for your employees
  • Combine standalone information with video and sophisticated animations
  • Track every step of the manufacturing process

Smart Digital Signage displays can easily adapt and can be tailored to a variety of communication objectives. Custom software can provide content platforms and applications that engage employees, improve worker productivity, and accelerate the production process.

Great for Integrating Multiple Moving Parts

Smart Digital Signage substitutes the cost and inconvenience of traditional marketing materials like banners and poster boards for an impressive-looking display that uses less space and can cycle through many messages at once. With a geographically distributed manufacturing setup, streamlining communications across multiple locations is a big challenge. Once digital content for the signage display has been generated, it can be transmitted to as many facilities in as many different places as required – all managed and controlled remotely from a web based content management software.

  • Extend communications opportunities away from the factory floor to employee break rooms, cafeterias, hallways, and vending machine areas
  • Web based portal allows for use of a variety of content – from internal information to news, weather, sports scores, and other off-the-job entertainment
  • Friendly to existing sources of material: Flash, computer images and video, slideshows etc.
Improve the look, feel, and bottom line of your manufacturing facility with Smart Digital Signage solutions. For more information on Smart Digital Signage products, pricing, and customer support, please

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