Health Care

Keeping Patients and Visitors Educated and Engaged

The time that visitors spend in waiting rooms and reception areas represents a valuable opportunity to reach them with important educational announcements, programs and advertisements. Hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices and community health centers can use video, graphics and bulletins to reinforce messages and inform patients of important health issues, treatments and news. With easy-to-use templates and scheduling features, clinic administrators can update signage displays in patient rooms, lobbies, waiting rooms and hallways.

Digital Signage in Waiting Areas

Use Smart Digital Signage displays to turn the time patients spend in doctor and hospital waiting rooms into a valuable educational or marketing opportunity.

  • Ease waiting room uncertainty by posting a patient queue and estimated wait times
  • Cycle through important health care announcements and reminders
  • Sell advertising space to medical specialists and pharmaceutical providers
  • Update patients on the latest medical treatments and procedures

Smart Digital Signage for Alerts and Announcements

Waiting room magazines hold some patients over but only go so far. Smart Digital Signage displays provide another informational and entertainment opportunity that can help doctors communicate better with patients while they wait.

  • Post top news in addition to medical information
  • Make new patients feel more connected with brief doctor biographies

Improve Internal Communications

No matter how good your company newsletter looks, you have no idea who’s actually reading it. Smart Digital Signage can help you reach more employees with more information.

  • Place display boards in strategic locations – like break rooms, cafeterias, and other high traffic areas – where they are sure to get noticed
  • Rotate important reminders and general interest slides to keep content fresh and engaging
  • Celebrate success by highlighting star employees and positive company news
  • Keep patients informed of recalls, epidemics, and other health-related concerns

Smart Digital Signage for Staff Areas

While ideal for patient relationships, digital displays also make it easier to communicate important messages to employees.

Smart Digital signage in staff rooms and other common areas can help serve a variety of objectives:

  • Getting the word out about new office policies or employee benefits
  • Announcing company events and initiatives
  • Recognizing doctors, nurses, and other employees for exceptional performance and dedicated service
  • Skills testing with interactive digital signage
Regardless of your goals as a health organization, Smart Digital Signage offers an innovative and creative way to help streamline your operations and make your office more dynamic.

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