Corporate Offices

Organizing & Informing

Smart Digital Signage setups allow businesses to broadcast company-wide updates and bulletins in a fast, efficient manner. Information can be pushed to multiple screens at once, providing a singular solution for keeping employees in the loop. The advantage of company-driven RSS feeds is often overlooked in many businesses, yet has a myriad of benefits that extend far beyond the traditional scope of newsletters.
Notifications regarding meeting times, schedule changes, and other important data are transferred to every signage system on your network. This also reduces the amount of additional calls and emails that are needed to deliver such messages, which consequently reduces network congestion (less mail server requests and VOIP packets). The same amount of information can be delivered with less strain on resources, and ultimately leads to an all-around more productive work atmosphere.

Communicate More Efficiently with Customers and Employees.

Whether you own a small or large business, Smart Digital Signage can help you to strengthen your relationship with employees, customers, and other essential stakeholders by offering an enhanced platform to present your communications message. Maximize your competitiveness by maximizing your efficiency – digital signage displays replace dull and time-consuming communication procedures with a dynamic and exciting alternative that will help your business do more with less and come out ahead.

  • Display company news and information in lobbies and other public locations.
  • Highlight corporate giving and other community initiatives.
  • Maximize the reach of announcements to your employees (schedule changes, meeting times, etc.)
  • Cut down on network congestion and boost productivity by eliminating the need for unnecessary phone calls and emails.
Anyway you look at it, digital signage systems are time and resource efficient, and can provide your business with unparalleled solutions to marketing, promoting, informing, and organizing. They are practical, adaptable, and appropriate for any business oriented objective, and can give your company the edge it needs.

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