Integrating Digital Signage With Social Media

The growth of digital signage combined with the ever-growing social media goes hand-in-hand.Facebook, Twitter,and YouTube continue to increase their audiences, with Facebook crossing a billion users today. Businesses have embraced social media as an important tool to create and continue the relationships with users worldwide.

Social media offers more personal & customizable way to get viewers engaged through your display. Hotels, Restaurants and even offices are incorporating live social media into their content rotation, displaying Instagram photos, customers’ tweets, and much more to drive engagement.

Have you ever wondered about integrating the best of digital signage with the best of social media?

Well, it’s an incredible idea that many businesses are considering it, as its dynamic content offers customer engagement and a new communication network unlike any other to the audience around the world.

But, do you know that there are some points you need to keep in mind while incorporating digital signage with social signage (social media)?

Let’s Have a Look on Them.

Consider Your Customer Base

As we have seen that people of all ages are active on various social networking sites. But the active users on different social media sites are not same. They differ in the age group. For instance, Facebook is more trending to mature users, while Twitter is mostly dominated by Gen X, and Instagram is more common in adults in their 30s and younger.

Of course! This is not any hard and fast rule, but the organizations must consider their business and the social media platforms that will effortlessly work best for brands.

When you think of a step ahead, it is also essential to consider which social media platforms you are incorporating with your digital signage. If you deal in the business of interior design or fashion that needs a more visual presence then you can choose Instagram as your social media option.

Create Hashtags With Care

Now you can see the Hashtags everywhere, but its common on Twitter and Instagram, and it can be an excellent way to link with your target audience, generating social media content for your digital signs and building your brand presence on social media.

Basically, you must create a hashtag specific to your brand. As your brand is unique, you must create brand relevant, relatively concise and easy to spell hashtags. You can occasionally create hashtags for special events, news or for upcoming special sale offers.

Don’t Forget to Place A Call To Action On Your Digital Signage

Once you spend few minutes scrolling through Facebook or Twitter profile, you will see that people love to talk and share about their businesses and brands.

If you want customers, to talk about your brand on social media, you can simply put a call to action at the corner of your digital signage content. For instance, you can include lines like “Post your thoughts on Twitter and see it here”.

Interact With Customers On Social Media

Social Media is all about the conversation. Incorporating social media with digital signage can help to create a circle of communication, inspiring both customer and retailer to build a strong relationship.

For instance, you can allow customers to walk into a store and scan a QR code to Tweet their location, check out daily deals, and participate in a contest and more.

When a customer shares something positive about your business or product on social media sites, respond to them with thanks, you can re-share the content or make positive contact with that customer.

Monitor Your Social Streams

Well, if any customer can share positive thought then you can’t deny the fact that some of them can’t share the negative thoughts. So, you need to be alert for that as it is all about your great brand reputation. There are lots of tools and plug-ins available that can ensure the display of right messages on the screen. You can use them to stay away from negative feedbacks.

So, all is that, when you combine relevant social media with digital signage, you show customers that they meant for them, you show a sense of fun and excitement, and definitely , you create the stage for better performance.

 All you can say that, Individually Either Digital Signage or Social Media is Like a Drop, Both of them Together Makes an Ocean..

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