How Digital Signage Simplifies Data Visualization

Data is an integral part of any business environment. Data represents the numbers and statistics .Of course! Data can be represented in a number of ways, but at the same time, it is important that data are represented in a way that is easily readable and understood.

This includes using as many visuals as possible to make the data easier to interpret in a quick look. It is where digital signage outshines by offering a medium for data visualization using HD quality and interactive displays.

Why is Data Visualization Important?

The Science Behind it

The visual perception, which is controlled by the visual cortex located in the rear part of the brain, is extremely fast and efficient process. On the other hand, Thinking is controlled by the cerebral cortex in the front part of the brain, is much slower and less efficient process than visual perception. Hence, Data Visualization is effective as it shifts the balance between perception and thinking to take optimum benefits of brain’s abilities.

The Rising Popularity of Data Visualization in the Business World 

Most of the people by nature are visual learners. They can visually understand much more than from the written text. When it comes to data visualization, all the vital analytics and statistics can be quickly be integrated using a multi-hued pie or line chart. This shows a single visual representation of the whole business performance. And sure the same information can be represented through text, but that requires additional time in reading and analyzing which most of us find it the tedious job.

What Data Visualization Do?


Let You See the Bigger Picture

Well, seeing the bigger picture is far more effective than looking at numbers. This is probably an old concept. With the invention of charts and graphs, you can more easily understand the data. To make things appear easy, we use pie charts and bar graphs all the time. And of course!  They are universally understood.

Notice Problem Areas

Data Visualization can draw attention more quickly than a spreadsheet. A Bar Chart or Line Graph is the perfect visual approaches when numbers reach the critical levels. A quick look makes it obvious that improvements and modifications must be done instantly.

Track Behavioral Changes

You must have noticed that over time, a campaign or product perform much better than others.


Well, with data visualization, the trend becomes easy to assess. A social post can go viral during a product launch or the product can be picked up by a brand advocate. The performance of the business may go down in October and may result in higher leads in November. Noticing these leaps and downs in the performance of the business is much easier through data visualization.

Digital Signage Data Visualization

Automating Data Visualization with Digital Signage

Digital Signage and Data Visualization represent a big thing in the digital signage industry. Digital Signage paired with visual data is becoming an eye-catching, information rich and potentially interactive way to put a huge impact on the audience.

Digital Signage is commonly used in the organizations to display messages and reminders. Data Visualization simplifies reporting for organizations.

Employees are able to see the broad picture of their performance, be aware of their problem areas and can track trends over the time. Ideal Venue to pair digital signage includes college campuses, workplace, transportation systems, museums, organizations and much more. Visual Data displayed on interactive digital signs enhances the learning process and offers an interactive experience.

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