What Is Smart Digital Signage ?

Digital signage is the remote-controlled distribution and playback of digital content (TV programs, advertising, menus, and all sorts of information, to name but a few) on networked displays.

It is a new and unique medium that combines the power of mass media with the precision of niche marketing. It provides direct communication with consumers at point of decision, where the viewer is either waiting for service or looking for the right product.

Digital Signage (utilized technologies such as LCD, LED, PLASMA DISPLAYS, or PROJECTED IMAGES to display content) can be found in both public and private environments, including retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings, and other locations.

Digital signage displays are most commonly controlled by personal computers or servers, through the use of either proprietary or public-domain software. This approach often allows the operator to avoid a large capital investment for the controller equipment.

Using digital signage is a form of advertising in which video content, advertisements,and/or messages may be displayed on digital signs with the common goal of delivering targeted messages to specific locations and consumers at specific times.

Since digital signage content may be both frequently and easily updated, savings in printing and construction costs previously associated with static signage can be achieved. The nature of the interactive abilities available through the accompanying employment of such real-world interfaces as embedded touch screens, movement detection and image capture device has won wide acceptance in the marketplace.