Some examples of how businesses can apply Smart Digital Signage are listed below.

  • Universities can efficiently communicate with staff and students.
  • Companies can save hours every day by streaming information on digital displays to their employees.
  • Manufacturers can communicate changes directly to the factory floor in real time.
  • Passengers on commuter trains can see the latest news, live RSS feeds, and real-time weather.
  • Company directors can see live KPI’s in any desired location such as lunch room, board room or common areas.
  • Police and emergency services can track all their GPS vehicles and direct them to emergencies.
  • Retailer’s can use digital displays to communicate in store promotions and specials.
  • Visitors to large convention centers and sporting arenas can navigate these venues easily with installed digital signage.
  • Public transportation companies can display key information updates to Commuters.
  • Large video screens at stadiums that automatically display team members, times, last plays, current scores. Food vendor information can also be displayed.
  • Touch screens can add a level of efficiency to many of the applications above.
Smart Digital Signage has the Solution for your Business. If you have questions about our products and how we can complement your business needs or would like to set up a time for a demo of our digital signage, please feel free to Contact Us.