Benefits Of Smart Digital Signage

Making Money and Saving Money with Visual Communications:

There is no substitute for visual messaging, especially when it’s done well.

The key for visual communication in restaurants is the content. If you have hungry customers in line, the best thing you can do is make everything look appetizing. In some cases, you could have a new product that no one knows what it looks like and therefore won’t try it. Now you have the opportunity now to reinforce the message by giving them a look.

Saving Money and Improving Patients Experience in Hospitals:

Hospital facilities can be confusing for visitors, especially during stressful times, and existing directional signage can be upgraded to digital. In addition to providing a better customer experience, the technology allows hospital employees to concentrate on their tasks, instead of on escorting patients and visitors.

Making Money by Capitalizing on a Captive Audience in Banks:

Research shows that retail banks are successful in selling previously unknown products using visual communications. One reason visual communication is effective is that wait times at retail banks are high due to lines that typically are long. This allows for extensive, detailed messaging that educates the customer on the bank’s products before they approaches the counter.

Making Money in the Food Industry by Up-selling at the Counter and Saving Money with Instant Menu Updates:

Visual communication installations offer up-sell opportunities to customers at the ordering counter. Messages have more of an effect on customers buying decisions when they are shown at the point-of-decision.
Instant updates from a centrally managed location mean paper signage and light-board slides don’t have to be shipped to each restaurant location, saving money on both shipping costs and employee time spent changing the signage.

Making Money in Hotels by Promoting Amenities:

These days, hotels seem to have everything under one roof, though patrons may not be aware of all the amenities. Communicating visually with screens gives hotels the ability to bring awareness to other revenue-generating entities in the building, such as restaurants, gift shops, wireless internet and spas.